Ethane Import Tank


Location: Middlesborough

Client: Balfour Beatty

Value: £4.5 million

Duration: 52 weeks


This 77,000 cubic metre containment tank was an upgrade to the existing 223-acre Olefins 6, Sabic’s Wilton Plant, built in 1979.

The plant produces the essential chemical building blocks for everyday items from toothbrushes to TV and car part, a key facility for the UK chemical industry.

Cidon were appointed by Balfour Beatty to construct the 77,000 cubic metre full containment Ethane tank. The tank comprised of a 67-metre diameter and 1 metre thick base. Additionally, it had 34-metre-high circular tapered, post-tensioned walls, topped with a 3-metre-deep ring beam section. The structure was finished with a 500 mm thick domed concrete roof, constructed over an air risen support structure.

Ethane, a by-product of Fracking, is imported from the USA to Port Clarence. This product will be pumped and retained in the 65m diameter concrete tank.  The facility was designed to be a major factor to prepare the way for the UK to become self-sufficient in generating its own reliable supply of raw materials for the sector.


  • The tank is the largest of its kind in Europe.
  • 77,000 cubic meter full containment Ethane tank.
  • 34-metre-high circular tapered post-tensioned walls.
  • 500mm thick domed concrete roof constructed over an air risen support structure.
  • 52m concrete pump required for walls.