Rebuilding Lives

In 2018, we considered an alternative area of society in which to recruit. The aim of which for Cidon to recruit eager, hardworking individuals whilst helping those who perhaps needed a second chance in life. With this new approach in mind, we became aware of an organisation who highlighted the struggle for ex-offenders to get an opportunity to work, and therefore the effect on society. 

Working closely with our partnering organisations, Cidon seek to provide purposeful training through prison workshops. These include formal qualifications such as CSCS, to prepare the ex-offenders psychologically and enhancing other skills ready to be placed in to sustainable employment upon release. Since 2018, when the programme started, we have seen many candidates placed in to employment through this route, with Cidon.

We strive to break the cycle of crime and punishment, providing employment and the appropriate intervention and support upon release. 



  • Prison sentences alone are not enough to deter offenders from committing crimes, and certainly not enough to break the cycle of crime that captures so many people who serve time in prison.
  • Almost 80% of offenders released from prisons will be arrested for another crime within five years.
  • Almost 60% of ex-offenders will be arrested within three years, and a third will be re-arrested within six months of release. There are many root causes, but in particular the lack of opportunities for offenders to find work and support themselves and their families. 


Engage and Prepare:

Working closely with our partnering organisations to provide purposeful training in prison workshops, including CSCS training, whilst preparing the offenders psychologically ready to be placed in to sustained employment upon release.


Identify Opportunities:
  • Regularly communicating with Rebuilding Lives to discuss future opportunities.
  • Identify potential candidates and holding workshops to inform candidates about our work sector, the company and the programme we are rolling out to our sites.
  • Cidon interview a selection of identified candidates, review their criminal history to ensure the candidate falls in line with our established guidelines.
Ongoing Support:
  • The operatives are supported by Rebuild with Hope and Tempus Novo on release to ensure all personal needs are accounted for, e.g. housing, travel, transport, and financial support.
  • Further training needs identified and carried out as required.
Placing in to Employment:

Successful candidates released to site, placed within an area of site which best suits them personally, e.g., joinery, steel fixing, storeman, labouring, concreting, plant operating etc.  All candidates are paid above national minimum wage, when on ROTL (day release from prison).  Once released they are all offered a permanent position with the company. 


We have committed to providing sustainable employment and training for ex-offenders and others who have an ambition for a career in the construction industry.

Although challenging at times, we have had some great success stories, and found the scheme to be a rewarding experience overall; one we hope to continue in the years to come.

If you would like to find out more, or feel you could offer employment or meaningful work experience in a relevant discipline you are involved in, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

We have committed to providing sustainable employment and training for ex-offenders and others who have an ambition for a career in the construction industry